News: blogger posts stealing your copyrighted material?

Lots of so called blogs are actually a front to download links for whole guitar albums with out any permission from the copyright owner. Now this is plain wrong and undermines the hopes and aspirations of so many smaller guitar players just trying to make a living... simple truth it is theft...  Players who have their material posted can follow these rules:

  • Is someone copying your Blogger-hosted content to another domain or website? Unfortunately, Blogger will be unable to act as your copied content does not exist on our servers. We strongly recommend contacting the offending blog's hosting provider for further assistance with this matter.
  • Is a Blogger user copying your content? Please note that Blogger is not in a position to arbitrate issues regarding ownership of content; however, Blogger does comply with the United States Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA). For more information on how to file a DMCA complaint with Blogger, please click here.
  • Is a Blogger user engaging in piracy or providing links to copyrighted material? Please direct the copyright owner to file a DMCA complaint with Blogger. Please note that we can only process DMCA complaints originating from the copyright owner