News: DiMarzio pre-wired solderless pickguards... a gift from heaven!

Now this is clever... I'm the sort of bloke that ends up not doing work if it looks to complicated or if I think I'm going to ruin an expensive treasured possession. Now those clever boffins at DiMarzio have relieved my pain by providing a more painless way to do DIY on my guitar and not leave me with just an expensive plank of wood and a pile of strings. So what have they done? Well the boys over at DiMarzio now offer pre-wired pickguards and pickup sets with solderless installation. The prewired pickguards are direct drop-in replacements with no soldering or assembly required. The prewired sets include all pickups and controls ready to install and connect with no soldering!!! At last epic Win!! For full details read the supporting documents.

Guitar guards covered include Stratocasters, Teles and Les Pauls!

Now you're saying... but is it really that straight forward? Well check out the installation video... at last a chance for my guitar to sound great!

How to Install the New DiMarzio Solderless Strat Pickguard


  1. Gee EMG has been doing that for years

  2. I like the idea of doing this. However, I have done more than added pickups... I got rid of the worthless tone knobs, repositioned the volume knob in a less stupid place and have an H-S-H setup... which includes a Super Distortion bridge, a Tone Zone S in the middle and an Air Norton in the neck. Doubtful DiMarzio would offer this, but they should do custom pre-wired setups for weirdos like me who DIY, but are tired of soldering and cutting.


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