News: my top 20 Strings On Fire 2 entries

This process of short listing is tough. Some great solos and players didn't make my top 20... but they were still great... The overall process means I watch all videos at least 3 times... the closer to the top you get the more reviews of your video you get. This time you can see we breakdown the details of the entry to three scoring areas:
1 Composition
2 Technique
3 Sound
Each of these is scored out of 5 then added together to give a total... The views on scores over each area are representative of my view of the solo in the context of the video, as I see/hear it. All of this is done in private and so we don't know the winner until the scores are added together. Interestingly, there was a good deal of consensus in the top list, with just 25 players being picked by all of the judges.

So here is my top 20

This is Milan Polak's views of the winning solo and his own take on the solo.

"Strings On Fire 2" with Milan Polak - TOP 3 picks