News: Six String Bliss is the longest-running guitar-centric Podcast on the Internet!

Six String Bliss Announces the Release of “What The Fuzz?”. Worldwide Launch – Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Six String Bliss, the longest-running guitar-centric Podcast on the Internet announces the release of What The Fuzz, a collaborative effort by members of their listening community. The theme of this album is the Fuzz Effect; it was not a requirement to use Fuzz specifically on guitar, but each track submitted contains the prominent use of Fuzz.

What The Fuzz will feature 10 songs performed by an international community of artists, with submissions coming from 5 countries. Each of these submissions is the work of members of the Six String Bliss listening community. This is the fifth such project produced by Six String Bliss, the first being 2007’s A Blissful Christmas, which was followed up in fall 2008 with Stay Tuned (a collection of TV Themes), last spring with Big Screen Bliss (a collection of songs featured prominently in movies), and in fall 2009 with Scales of Horror (all original, Halloween Themed songs).

According to Alicia Searcy, co-host of the What The Fuzz Episode and regular contributor to the show: “Six String Bliss’ “What the Fuzz” project is a testament to the amazing talent of its contributors. Each song really shines, and each artist has put his/her uniquely “fuzzy” stamp on their piece. Yet again Six String Bliss has raised the bar by delivering a wide range of music that is certain to be engaging and entertaining to listen to.”

All guitarists are welcome to join in the fun of the Six String Bliss Forum. Projects like this will continue to thrive so long as there is an active community to make these happen. So please come by, introduce yourself, and join in the next project!

Podcast Episode 187 which will feature What The Fuzz will be up on the RSS Feed ( and on iTunes at 11:00PM (CDT) Thursday, May 20th, with the show notes added to the website soon thereafter at As always, there will be a direct download link from the main website which will include the Album itself, as well as front and back cover art and liner notes. These albums are available to the general public for free – you just have to go and get them!

About Six String Bliss

Six String Bliss is the longest-running guitar-centric Podcast on the Internet. Co-hosted by guitarists PT, Pipes, and Pappy, the weekly show caters to players of all ages and abilities, and features segments including Email of the Week, Guitarist of the Week, Guitar News and general discussion of all things relating to the guitar. Interviews have featured internationally renowned guitarists as well as luthiers, store owners, and manufacturers of pickups, effects, and recording software. In addition, each episode concludes with a listener-submitted “Outro” track; all listeners are encouraged to send in their recordings for use on the show. The website includes an active, international and welcoming forum.