John Petrucci,Paul Gilbert,Mick Thomson: Rock at the National Guitar Workshop

New Milford, CT Rock Summits
Featuring Mick Thomson and John Petrucci
Just Announced: Paul Gilbert will also be appearing in CT July 18-23.
For intermediate to advanced players, our New Milford Rock Summits offer players the opportunity to work with a rhythm section in performance class, attend faculty Master Classes, and attend a Master Artist Workshop with Mick Thomson or John Petrucci. In addition to their chosen class, students can experience the other playing styles and courses offered within the summit.

John Petrucci
New Milford, CT
July 25-30 2010: Better Off Shred
July 25-30 2010: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
July 25-30 2010: Southern Rock Guitar

Mick Thomson
Chicago, IL
July 11-16 2010: Rock Guitar Madness

New Milford, CT
July 11-16 2010: 21st Century Rock Guitar
July 11-16 2010: Are You Experienced?
July 11-16 2010: Essential Rock Solos
July 11-16 2010: Shred is Not Dead

Paul Gilbert
Los Angeles, CA
July 11-16 2010: Rock Guitar Crash Course
July 11-16 2010: The Shred Zone
July 11-16 2010: Journey to the Extreme

McLean, VA
June 26-July 1 2010: Classic Rock Gods
June 26-July 1 2010: Lord of The Strings
June 26-July 1 2010: Rock Fusion
June 26-July 1 2010: Shred Boot Camp

New Milford, CT
July 18-23 2010: Mojo Room