Raphael Fraser: hide in the sun

Here's an updated version of my new instrumental called "Hide in the Sun". I had just started writing it when I heard about Ronnie James Dio being hospitalised - and then dying :'( so it's a sort of a tribute to him \m/ (even though musically it's got close to nothing in common with him)

The lead guitar is my Ash Customworks "Zakk" custom: http://www.ashcustomworks.com. I used my AMT Electronics Fatal Tube and in Garageband I used LAConvolver to apply impulse responses of a Marshall JCM2000. The harmony guitars were also the Zakk but using my AMT California Sound, and the clean backing guitars were using my Ash Customworks mostly-custom "Catherine". Oh, and the dirty rhythm guitars were using a JCM-ish patch I created with the standard amp simulation in Garageband.

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Hide in the Sun - new improved version.mov