Richie Kotzen: UK tour comes off the rails!


Malcom Dome posted this

Richie Kotzen has had his UK shows cancelled – and he’s not happy about it!In a statement, the clearly stunned guitarist says: “I am confused, shocked and embarrassed to have learned less than 24 hours ago via e mail that the UK agency known as Fablusis Promotions has cancelled my three UK shows roughly one week prior to my departure for the United Kingdom. I had absolutely no say in this decision whatsoever.

“I learned about this late last night while making a connection in Houston. Based on the jovial relationship my band and the partners had on the last tour I was convinced their e mail was a joke and responded accordingly. Clearly now today I learned it is no joke.

“At this point my manager and I are collecting as much info as possible in an effort to comprehend why the partners at Fablusis came to this careless decision without first discussing it with us. My number one concern is that all purchasers are refunded 100 percent.

The notion of cancelling a show has never crossed my mind as I am packed and ready to go perform. I have been playing live in front of paid audiences since 1985 (Jesus I’m old!) and actually remember doing a gig in 87 where I was throwing up in a bucket at the side of the stage (living up to my German last name). I would need to be in a hospital bed or god forbid a loved one in one for me to consider a cancellation.

“Again, I am deeply sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. I can only assure you that this was completely out of my control and that we are already trying to figure out a way to make this up to you all.”

And the winner is.... (Richie Kotzen Competition)