Rick Emmett : Triumph super greatest hits and movie appearance

TRIUMPH, with the all-killer/no-filler "Greatest Hits Remixed".

"Greatest Hits Remixed" includes


01. Allied Forces
02. Lay it on the Line
03. Follow Your Heart
04. Magic Power
05. I Live For the Weekend
06. Hold On
07. Just One Night
08. Fight the Good Fight
09. Spellbound
10. Never Surrender
11. Lights Go Down
12. Somebody's Out There
13. Rock and Roll Machine
14. Love Hurts


01. Follow Your Heart
02. Lay It On the Line
03. Spellbound
04. Magic Power
05. Lights Go Down
06. Hold On
07. Just One Night
08. Somebody's Out There
09. Allied Forces
10. Never Surrender
11. Never Say Never

Bonus Video:

01. Child of the City (with Phil X on guitar)
02. Blinding Light Show (bootleg: filmed on fan cam)
03. Love Hurts

DVD Specs:

Mix 2.0/5.1
Screen 16:9
Format NTSC Region Free

Adam Sandler has always had a knack for including standout classic rock tunes in his movies. His latest flick, "Grown Ups", is no different, as TRIUMPH's hard-rocking "Lay It On The Line" is included in the movie, which opens nationwide June 25.