Andy James: shred knowledge interview

6 Your a metal player by reputation but Ive seen you play some very fusion type soloing over a competition track,
are you into any of the fusionists like Shawn Lane and Holdsworth.

I do play other stuff, probably more blues than anything, but I have in past dabbled with fusion type things but have never followed up on the theory side of things, thus holding me back somewhat with the jazzier changes.
Ive never been very geeky with that sort of stuff, not being very studious when it comes to learning why something works. I'm a great believer in just doing what comes natural. Shawn Lane has influenced some of the more economic ways of playing fast.
I'm not too familiar with Holdsworth but having got into Scar Symmetry, I have found out that their main guitarist Per Nillson is very inflenced by him, so I will definately check out some of his stuff.
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