Bob Katsionis: firewinds key star wants your input for the new solo CD!

Bob Katsionis
I'm in the middle of the composing process of my next solo album.
Actually..there's no process,since I'm composing music only when I have something really good in mind. being in Firewind,Outloud and Revolution Rennaissance doesnt leave me any time to concentrate on my own music,so thats why,every time I compose something it HAS TO BE SOMETHING REALLY important for me.'s a questions for my die-hard fans only:
What would you expect from a new Bob Katsionis album.
More Speed?
More Solos?
More Guitar?
Less Speed?
Less Guitar?
Less Solos? (no way!)

Dont hesitate to tell me all your thoughts!

BOB KATSIONIS "The Nightrager" 2009

BOB KATSIONIS - "Scary Groovie" (2002)