COMPETITION: Win A Line 6 GuitarPort from shadowface!

The track starts in E minor at 0:13. Shifts to D minor at 0:34. Goes atonal at 0:40. Goes to E minor again at 0:45, Returns to Atonality at 0:50. Goes to F minor at 0:55. Atonal again at 1:00. Goes to G Minor at 1:05. And back to atonality at 1:10.

Hope this helps...:)
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To attempt to win this Line Six GuitarPort, you must do one of two things...
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You must upload a video of you soloing over the solo section of my track, "The Law Of Love."

The MP3 download link will be in the information section.

You must post your entry as a Video Response.
All of the entries will be judged by me and a few friends. I will give you all words of criticism.
My number 1 pick will get this Line 6 guitar port.

5 others will get miscellaneous items that I find around my house.

I will be accepting entries from July 10th to August 10th.

After that, my friends and I will judge all of them.
I send all my fans love and I will respond to all questions asked.
All of this info is in the description.
Thank you all for watching, I appreciate it.

Contest-Win A Line 6 GuitarPort from shadowface