Dave Martone,Greg Howe: Vancouver Guitar Workshop Plus Aug 8-13

Dave Martone & Greg Howe promo vid for Guitar Workshop Plus http://www.guitarworkshopplus.com/

Pure Bred Shred (Vancouver Session)
with Dave Martone and special guest Greg Howe
Get in the ‘Martone Zone’ and push your playing to new heights you never thought possible! This exciting seminar for intermediate to advanced students will cover many topics to transform you into the monster player you always wanted to be. Topics include hybrid rolling techniques, hammer on out of nowhere, insane tapping, rhythmic displaced arpeggios, super sweeping, blues modes and dominant pentatonics, hexatonic scales, severe hyrbrid picking techniques, non-diatonic soloing applications and more! This course will also include discussions on achieving the killer tone! Lots of in class jamming and performing is required.

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