George Bellas, Alex Masi: interviews will be added every couple of days!

George Bellas - "Machine Man"

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"July 2010 sees the release of two of the most anticipated instrumental albums of the year with new releases from GEORGE BELLAS and ALEX MASI. To celebrate these releases we felt it was a good opportunity to show some more appreciation to some of the labels wealth of guitar talent with some spotlight features and new interviews. Amongst these players are a range of styles and individual musical personalities and all are recommended. Keep checking back as new features/interviews will be added every couple of days.

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JULY's BIG Guitarist Campaign:

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Daniel Palmqvist - A Landscape Made from Dreams
Steen Grontved - Night Vision Goggles
Cyril Achard - Confusion
Joe Stumps' Reign of Terror - Conquer and Divide
Torben Enevoldsen - Flying Solo
Kelly Simonz - The Rule of Right
Joop Wolters - Speed, Traffic and Guitar Accidents
Book of Reflections (feat. Rusty Cooley and Lars Eric Mattsson)
Edward Box - Moonfudge
Jennifer Batten - Momentum
Marco Ferrigno - Hanging Gardens
Lars Eric Mattsson - Electric Voodoo
Tony Hernando - THIII + Live! DVD+CD
Marcel Coenen - A Livetime Journey DVD

The Michael Harris Collection:
Ego Decimation Profile/Worlds Collide/Orchestrate (3 CDs) €19.90

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Dream Child / Earthbound / War (3 CDs)€19.90

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Parallel Worlds / My Secret Diary / When Reality is Nothing (3 CDs)€19.90

The Milan Polak Collection:
Guitar Odyssey / Straight / Dreamscapes (3 CDs)€19.90

The Jimi Hendrix Tribute Collection
The Spirit Lives On vol I + vol II (2 CDs)€10.90
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