Michael Angelo Batio: Time Traveler - Speed Kills 2010

Speed Kills 2010 is the first complete overhaul of the original Speed Kills program. The course was created in 1991 by Michael Angelo Batio and soon gained the reputation as "the shredder's bible." It explains advanced picking techniques as taught by the fastest guitarist on the planet.http://www.metalmethod.com/speedkills...

The key to speed and accuracy is to pay attention to a few precise details of both the picking and fretting hands. Without proper instructions you'll never understand these details. And who could be better at explaining this stuff than "The World's Fastest Shredder"? (according to Guitar World Magazine)

Speed Kills 2010 has many new techniques and exercises. About 70% of this material is brand new. Michael breaks it all down into five fundamental techniques: alternate picking, economy picking, legato technique, hybrid picking, and fretboard tapping.
This is not just for shred guitar. It's not just for neoclassical style. It's not even designed to teach you to play as fast as Michael Angelo Batio. This program simply gives you the tools to improve your playing technique regardless of what style of music you choose to play. What you do with these tools is up to you. With an incredible amount of practice you can shred like Angelo.

What's included? On-screen animated tab, printable booklet, Guitar Pro computer files, chapter guide, and a 65 minute program. If you choose to order any of our Speed Kills / Speed Lives packages Speed Kills 2010 will be included instead of the original 1991 version.

Time Traveler - Speed Kills 2010