Michael Knight: Carnivore

Michael Knight - Carnivore, from the Electric Horrorland CD. I put together this vid from clips I had of me playing. I like to work in concepts so I added Video clips I had shot and pics I had taken through recent years. Originally the song Carnivore was inspired by an arcade game where you fought with Dinosaurs. Since I couldn't take any vid footage of Dinosaurs myself, I decided to do the vid with a shark/shipwreck/storm theme. The video also shows me playing my chops which combine shred, chromatic, bluesy styles and melodic modern guitar speed licks. This song is available thru I-Tunes and dozens of downloadable music sites including; Amazon.com, Verizon Music, Napster, Rhapsody, etc. You can also buy the Electric Horrorland CD from CDBaby.com or Guitar9.com. Thanks for listening and watching. Let me know what you think!! Leave comments!!

Michael Knight - Carnivore - official video