Rick Graham: dofret interview

Q: Hi Rick. Thanks for taking the time to do an interview with Do Fret! Your new CD Inside Out really is a masterpiece. You must be very proud with the results and initial reception. Tell us a bit about the CD - the writing, recording process, your inspiration, equipment etc? How did you become involved with Carl Roa?

A: Hey Trev, my pleasure man. Thanks! Yeah, the reception has been absolutely fantastic and I've been totally blown away by the responses from people who have bought it. Nothing is better than receiving an email or message from someone saying that they are moved by the music I have written. After all it is why I am a musician in the first place. Gotta be part of the virtuous circle!

This release has been on the cards for a very long time now and early this year when I moved back to the UK from France, I made the decision that enough was enough, I have to finish this once and for all. I had actually lined up the musicians from my band in France to play on the album but it turned out to be a financial impossibility. I ended up buying a new iMac and audio interface and some killer software by Spectrasonics and sat in my home studio working on nothing but the album. It was a lot of work but I'm glad I pushed myself into it.

Tune wise I invariably write about things that have affected me in some way and end up writing material that is based around those experiences. I debated with myself as to whether I should include notes to every track so that the listeners will know exactly why I wrote the music and what I was feeling when I was playing but I eventually chose not to as I felt it was essential that the listener find their own meaning to the music.

As far as my feelings about it, it's always gonna be difficult because I will always listen with critical ears but despite that I think there are some nice moments here and there. My friend and fellow Suhr Guitars artist Carl Roa (http://www.carlroa.com) did an awesome job on the mixing and mastering. We met at NAMM in Jan this year and got on really well and as soon as I found out he was a mastering engineer I knew he would be the man for the job so got him on board as soon as I got back to the UK.
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