Stephan Forte: working on new Adagio CD

Stéphan Forté, keyboardist Kevin Codfert and vocalist Mats Levén of the France-based neo-classical metal band ADAGIO are working on material for the group's fifth album at Kevin's XFade studio in Nanterre, France.

Commented Stéphan: "For the first time, I will not compose the whole music and lyrics alone, as Mats, Kevin and the guys will also collaborate to the writing!! It will definitely bring a fresher sound to the band, and so far, the experience is awesome.

"Mats arrived here on Sunday, and we've started working right away on some ideas. Lots of great melodic vocal lines, heavy riffing and intense piano parts are coming naturally, so that's a very positive start. Another big change is since I've down tuned my Lâg seven-string [guitar] to A for my solo album, [and] I am now using that for ADAGIO's new stuff as well, so be prepared for some really heavy shit."
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