Walter Trout: new blues CD "Common Ground"

Walter Trout has today released his 19th solo album, Common Ground.

Common Ground CD Details

In another project with legendary producer John Porter, Walter delivers one of his best works yet.

Featuring drummer Kenny Aronoff, bassist Hutch Hutchinson and pianist John Cleary, the new CD contains an outstanding mix of traditionally rooted blues mixed with smoking guitar work in a style that only Walter can do justice to.

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Track List-

1. Maybe A Fool 4:46
2. Open Book 4:43
3. Her Other Man 6.33
4. Common Ground 6:20
5. Danger Zone 4:11
6. Hudson Had Help 3:17
7. Loaded Gun 5:46
8. Song For My Guitar 5:13
9. Eyes Of A Child 5:11
10. No Regrets 6:21
11. Wrapped Up In The Blues 4:47
12. Excess Baggage 5:54

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