Kenny Serane: Musikmesse 2009

More awesome soling from Kenny Serane... this man is awesome

Kenny Serane - Musikmesse 2009 Improvising

Kenny Serane - Musikmesse 2009 Rock 2 (Torpedo demo song)

I am reminded to advise you that you need to buy a copy of this awesome CD... which features Christophe Godin, Richard Daudé and Joel Hoekstra... the whole CD is great but I particularly love the track Black Light!

BEYOND THE UNKNOWN TERRITORY (2008) Workshop are on MySpace:

1. Departure (Introduction)
2. Spectral Anarchy
3. Fire Kiss mp3
4. Don’t Forget mp3
5. Speech Recognition (Interlude)
6. Last Word
7. Without my Soul
8. Beyond the Unknown Territory Pt. I – Leaving Home
9. Beyond the Unknown Territory Pt. II - Destination
10. Retrospection (Interlude)
11. Black Light mp3

Richard DAUDE : Guitar Solo on 2
Christophe GODIN: Guitar Solo on 3
Joel HOEKSTRA: Guitar Solo on 6

Check out the new sound samples for the workshop release: or this sample which features fellow Frenchman Ric Daude: