Kyoji Yamamoto: Vow Wow 1989

I recall seeing Kyoji Yamamoto from Vow Wow live in Bristol.. just can't remember the year.
Japanese Hard Rock band Vow Wow performing their song "Doncha Wanna Cum" live in 1989.

This song is from their thirteenth album, "III" (the third after changing their name from Bow Wow to Vow Wow) released in 1986.

This video was taken from their VHS called "Live In The U.K.", released in 1989.

Vow Wow are:

Vocals: Genki Hitomi
Guitar: Kyoji Yamamoto
Bass: Neil Murray
Keyboards: Rey Atsumi
Drums: Toshihiro Niimi

Vow Wow - Doncha Wanna Cum [Live 1989]