Marshall Harrison: Incredible Bach Prelude 5 WTC I

My apologies to Marshall Harrison. I've been so wrapped up in sorting out the entries for Shred This III, that I missed this one. But thanks to shadowknight132, I got a quick wake up call. This is one of those "moto perpetuo" pieces that Marshall Harrison is so fond of... what amazes me is that this is sight read! I can recommend Marshall's CD, which is a mix of rock tunes and incredible guitar music.

Marshall Harrison:
This tremendous moto perpetuo makes for a great picking exercise (Hybrid really helps with the string skipping) or legato exercise (hybrid really helps here too). Bach wrote several more of these "Allegro" or moto perpetuo pieces and I will explore them in the near future. The violin prelude in E major is probably next. Enjoy! (if you like my playing please purchase my album "Presto-Digitation!" from either iTunes or

Let me answer a few of your queries:

1. The piece is from Johann Sebastian Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier Book 1. IT's the prelude no5 in D major.

2. I did not memorize this piece.. I cannot memorize extended guitar pieces. Yes I am sight-reading it.

3. My tags were chosen so to expose this music to varying stereotypical audiences. Also I enjoy thinking of ridiculously seemingly unrelated people to my music.

4. The Tag, "Bufferson" is our sorta new family cat.

Marshall Harrison plays Bach Prelude 5 WTC I -