Marty Friedman: "Bad D.N.A." signings

Marty Friedman will take part in a series of promotional autograph sessions throughout Japan before taking the CD to the concert stage with his band later this year. The first signing session will take place on August 28 at the DynaCity (Canyon Stage) in Odawara at 2 p.m. Also on August 28, Friedman will appear on Fuji-TV's longest-running music program, "Music Fair", at 6 p.m.

"Bad D.N.A." track listing:

01. Specimen
02. Bad D.N.A.
03. Weapons Of Ecstacy
04. Hatejoke
05. Glorious Accident
06. Random Star
07. Picture
08. Battle Scars
09. School Spirit Delinquent
10. Exorcism Parade
11. Time To Say Goodbye (bonus track)

Marty Friedman「BAD D.N.A. 」