News: live 4 guitar solo competition!

The time has come to step it up a notch. So let’s get rocking. The task is simple: download the backing track and add your own guitar solo over it while following a few simple rules.

The rules

The Competition is open to everyone, regardless of age, style and skill level
Record your video take over the backing track and upload it to your YouTube channel
Video should be recorded with a decent picture quality
Complete upper body (face and both hands) must be clearly visible on the video
Although we’re not expecting a studio quality recording, the sound should be without noise
Video must not be edited after recording – everything must be played in one take. If we notice that you used "step recording" we will disqualify you from the competition
Subscribe to our YouTube channel and leave video response with your take
5 judges will be announced on our forum and they will pick 3 best takes which will be published on L4g website
The Competition closes on Friday 30th August 2010
We will contact the winners via our forum to take their details for shipping

The prizes:

Danelectro Cool Cat CM-2 Metal II Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal + Guitar strap + L4g t-shirt
(The winner will also be offered an interview for L4g website)
Guitar strap + L4g t-shirt
L4g t-shirt

Download backing track:

1st LIVE4GUITAR competition