Riccardo Vernaccini:Attracted To The Moon (CD)

Riccardo Vernaccini - Attracted To The Moon (CD)

Italian guitarist Riccardo Vernaccini comments on his work and his 2010 CD Attracted To The Moon, "I’ve spent most of my life studying, playing gigs, teaching guitar, composing and recording. In 2005 I released my first instrumental work entititled "…At last!” which received a lot of kind feedback from various webzines and magazines all around the world. I love and will always love music, it’s extraordinary how much emotion can be transmitted through it; truly magical! Receiving a compliment, and know that there are people who appreciate my music and the way I play my guitar, fills me with joy and makes me proud of what I have created, helping me to go on. I’m so happy that my music has been able to touch someone!" Attracted To The Moon is a blend of hard rock, shred and fusion reminiscent of Greg Howe, and here, Vernaccini has channeled all of his influences and a great deal of hard work into his compositions. Tight, intricate arrangements, which still allow for plenty of solo space, are a Vernaccini trademark. Sweep picking, legato assaults, shred-lead choruses - all delivered with gut-felt conviction - are additional appealing qualities you'll hear a lot of in his guitar playing. BUY