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Echoes In Time

This is serious chillout business...

"Simply Wonderful! - This album is one of the best collections of ambient music I have ever listened to - and I have listened to a lot." - Barrucadu

"Awesome! - I was delighted by this album. The melodies are very beautiful and deep. - David Bluecame"

"Excellent Music! - Congratulations , your album is really beautiful and music so nice. The choice of sounds, the mix everything is really well done. The guitar parts are awesome. I take your album in my fav without hesitation ESGI :o)) Warmest regards from France - Patroux

"Great Composition" - This is so good and very well done. I will definitely recommend this album to my friends especially those who do music. - Raaboy"

"I Dig It! - Thanks for this bro, I've probably listened to it 10 or 20 times now. I especially like the first and last tracks--they've got an epic feel to 'em. - Growthmetal"

Essentially a concept album comprising twelve tracks of varying pace and feel. Written over the space of a few months in 2007 initially for a sound track, the project developed into this album. Now re-edited and remastered, 'Echoes In Time' is intended as a chilled out escape and something to drift away to.


From the rhythmic pulse and guitar of 'With No Beginning', the Eastern orchestral chants of 'Dawn Of Mind', the smooth melancholy of 'Alone Again' and the filmic feel of 'Destiny', Echoes In Time seeks to explore the world of fantasy, film and emotion.

'I Wonder' with its Close Encounters influence proves this in point and 'A Paradise Lost', which takes us back to primordial lands after a Great Extinction and its rebirth in 'A New World'.

The title track drifts between here and then, slightly disconnected from the rest of album, while 'Of Wars And Power' explodes with violence and fury.

'The Drifter' captures the relief of surviving absolute terror. (Ripley in the escape pod at the conclusion of seminal classic 'Alien').

'In Your Heart' is a more contemporary, guitar solo based track and 'There Is No End' completes the journey with a strings and breakbeat style affair.


I hope you enjoy the album!



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