Sloth Chubsteen: running in a 2007 Limited Edition John Petrucci Guitar

Sloth Chubsteen:
This video goes out to my buddy Jared! I tried to improv a couple different melodies i came up with =) I borrowed the one riff from Larry Carlton's amazing 313

I just got this amazing ernie ball musicman 2007 limited edition blue dawn petrucci off of ebay today, and it is absloutely the best guitar i have ever played! I started playing guitar in 2007 so i figured it was meant to be, lol. I am very happy because i have finally dialed in a high gain lead tone 3:47 - 5:30 that i really like with the mesa boogie express. The cheap sony handycam doest do the tone and the looks of this guitar justice. Thanks for watching =)

You are not alone - 2007 Limited Edition John Petrucci Guitar