Tom Quayle, Andy Wood, Martin Miller, Rick Graham: Suhr Mega Jam

Martin Miller:
Hey guys,

I've head this idea for a long time to gather some players through
Youtube and get them to play on one track. Luckily I was able to get 3
of my favourite players ever to make this idea become reality. Tom,
Andy and Rick are the most amazing players and people you could
possibly work with! I think you'll love what you're about to see!

Please check out our web pages:

Tom Quayle:
Andy Wood:
Martin Miller:
Rick Graham:

Also some major props go to our backing band for their fantastic job:

Sebastian Persini -- Drums (
Torsten Schubert - Bass
Marius Leicht -- Keys

Feel free to aquire this backing through my website (soon!) and post your video response to

Now enjoy the video!

P.S.: Not to forget about the company that provides our great
Suhr Mega Jam -- Tom Quayle, Andy Wood, Martin Miller, Rick Graham