Daniele Gottardo: new technique DVD details

"Superfingering" is Daniele Gottardo's new revolutionary method to play contemporary guitar, based on the way to develop a simple act of great control on the instrument.
Two hours of contents, 100 lessons in order of difficulty, more than 100 pages of transcriptions, application examples for each topic and musical backing tracks, interviews (amplification, studio footage, re-amplification techniques, teaching, etc. ..)
This DVD discusses the main traditional problems found by all guitarists and that create confusion in the infinite training course of a guitarist:

- Visualization, organization of musical material
- Technique
- Harmonic - Melodic control
- Connection of all aspects
- Musical application
- Visualization, organization of musical material
- Visualization and development of musical material in a simpler way.
- "Superfingering" don't proceed as in the traditional guitar methodology , but is following a logical numerical order of notes that starts from consonance to dissonance.
- Dual visualization of forms.


- Simplification of the number of fingerings and musical choice of fingering.
- Fingerings "changed" and logical.
- Fingerings "anti-academic"
- Sweep Picking
- Hammer on - Pull off; Legato
- Hybrid picking
- Alternate picking
- Sliding
- Position Shifting
- Grouping
- Improvisation techniques
- Connection techniques

Harmonic - Melodic control

The delicate aspect of the harmonic - melodic material follows the "number of harmonics", the musical material is developed following a numerical order of notes "from consonance to dissonance".

- Knowledge of the fundamental note across the neck
- Triads
- Quadriads
- Pentatonic Scale
- Esatonic Scale
- Diatonic Scale
- Chromatism and Altered scales

Connection of all aspects

All main topics during the course of the lessons are fused together starting with one note, as in music practice, and aren’t separated as in the didactic, which is an end in itself.

Musical application

For each main topic, we suggest application examples in various musical genres (blues, fusion, metal, jazz) with backing tracks.

and more....

This method is therefore appropiate both for beginners, who seriously wants to know its instrument - and professional guitarists, who are looking for new ideas to deepen the complicated world of the guitar!!

Daniele Gottardo from his " Superfingering" new DVD


  1. I think the DVd would be just fabulous if that weird guy who is dubbing gotty's voice was kicked out -_- !!

    I Love gotty ! i have been following his music alot!

    But that voice just put's me off :( !! very hard to understand... lets hope there are subtitles > . > !!

  2. Don't let the voice put you off. This is packed with great ideas and tips. I had a free lesson on Saturday! Man I could not do any of the stuff that Daniele does, so it was great to be shown how to do it!

  3. Just discovered Daniele Via Mark Varney on FB. Wow! How do I get a hold of his instructional materials in the U.S. Struck out on the music retailer sites and amazon.com as well.


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