Jennifer Batten, Michael Lee Firkins, Dave Martone, Andreas Oberg, William Stravato: ZC3 ready to rock

I have to thank Corrardo Sgandurrafor arranging an amazing show and also  Cristina Postolache  for being a great host... ZC3 the mega guitar show starts today, at 10:45 and finishes at 22:45. So a long day... but I am ready for it!!!

Yesterday was spent sound checking with one of the best rhythm sections you could wish for in Stu Hamm and Mike Vanderhule, the drummer in the Y&T band.  I watched these guy work through sessions with Dave Martone, Jennifer Batten, Michael Lee Firkins, William Stravato and Andreas Oberg.

Along with that I got a chance to speak with the competition players including Hedras Ramos, Ignazio Di Salvo,  Ivan Mihaljevic and Claudio Mariola.  There competition starts around 18:00 today.