Jess Lewis: battling with fives

Jess Lewis:
A part of Guthrie Govans Great song - Fives. this was recorded ages ago, in March this year, before all the other 'up to date' vids... so errm, my attempt was not that great, lots of little (Big) mistakes (like the very noticable out of tune bend at 30 sec's.. yeah I know).. but, Oh well!.. thought I'd upload it anyway... (probably not a good idea.. but hey)

1. the picture quality is terrible.. so shield you eyes.
2. the sound quality is also terrible, so plug in your ears (or have 'no' volume). *please pay attention to no. 2 - as your ears may possibly burst during the 37 seconds of this video. Thanks ;)

Guthrie Govan - Fives (well.. a small part of it anyway) by Jess