Joe Satriani: ask Joe at musicradar

Joe Satriani's upcoming release, Black Swans And Wormhole Wizards, ranks with his greatest of works. An absorbing, enthralling and altogether mind-blowing artistic statement by one of rock's most gifted instrumentalists, it's sure to thrill music fans across the globe. (Be sure to check out MusicRadar's exclusive album preview, with commentary by Satch himself and streaming audio of his newest single Light Years Away, just to get yourself up to speed.)

And guess what? In a little over a week, Joe Satriani is sitting down with MusicRadar for an interview. But this won't be just any Q&A. No sir. This time, Satch is going to answer your questions!

What to ask? Well, you can grill him about the status of Chickenfoot if you like. Or you can ask about the recording of Black Swans and what plans he has for his imminent tour. Want to know something about his line of Ibanez guitars or Vox products? Ask him! This is your shot, so make it count. (Of course, you can always ask him that most burning question of all: "So Joe, what is Michael Anthony really like?" But we won't put words in your mouth.)

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