Joe Satriani, Les Paul, Zakk Wylde: guitar edge interview

Guitar Edge comes and interview with three of worlds most infamous guitarists, Les Paul, Joe Satriani, and Zakk Wylde.
“Change” has been a major theme in the American vernacular this past few years. In this Blast from the past, Guitar Edge sits down with three icons of the electric guitar to discuss the changes and innovation in guitar playing and technology we’ve experienced over the past 50 years, and what the next 50 may yet bring.

Getting Joe Satriani, Zakk Wylde, and the legendary Les Paul—three of the most respected an innovative guitarists of the last 50 years—together in a small room with a microphone was no small achievement. But compared to what these three guitarists have accomplished in their own respective careers, it was as easy as an E5 power chord. For that matter, compared to what Les Paul by himself has achieved, it was as easy as breathing.

Still, as Les can certainly attest, even the best-laid plans often find speed bumps and roadblocks. Although we thought we had confirmations and palpable eagerness from all parties, building management at the Iridium informed us at the last minute—after Zakk and Satch had already arrived and begun their acquaintance 14 stories up in Midtown Manhattan—that they didn’t share our enthusiasm for a photo shoot on the roof. This required some nimble improvisation from our photographer that would have impressed even 1950's era Les Paul. In the spirit of perseverance that our guest of honor has so wholly embodied throughout his career, we found a way to make it all happen. more