News: Nation Guitar Workshop 4 day review!

"From The Wood shed blog" has given a very interesting account of their time at the Nation Guitar Workshop, including:
I'm at the National Guitar Workshop in Los Angeles this week. It's held at the Loyola Marymount campus from this Sunday through Friday. I always wanted to attend the Seattle camp when I was a kid, but it conflicted with my favorite annual family trip every summer. This year I was offered a job as RA for the week. (I was in a combo at SDSU directed by Nate Jarrell; he's been involved with NGW for years.) I took it, knowing I'd be able to sit in on classes and meet a ton of musicians. There are about 100 students, half kids, half adults, mostly dudes.

Yesterday's check in was crazy, and left me no time to write this post. Orientation started with a warmup band, featuring faculty on guitars and drums, and one of my three fellow RAs on bass. Rules were laid down with a stern delivery, and the teachers were introduced: Toby Ahrens, Reggie Chavez, Blake Colie, Tom Dempsey, David Ellis, Baba Elefante, Jody Fisher, Adrian Galysh, Todd Johnson, Dave Martone, Martha Masters, Jared Meeker, Neil Nagaoka, Cameron Peace, Nick Tocco. The featured guest artists, each giving an afternoon clinic, are Paul Gilbert, William Kanengiser, Pat Martino, and Duke Robillard. I am PUMPED to see Pat Martino.

Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4


  1. Hey Laurie, thanks for the plug. Thought you'd like to know I finished the last few summaries the other day, and all six days are now posted:

    NGW Summaries


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