Shred This III: My Top 5 Competition RESULT

There were quite a few entries for the competition and it's great to see that many of you took the time to look at all the great entries and I guess you'll know how tough it is to pick a top 5 from so many great solos. OK, so the winner for the competition wins a copy of Jon Finn's latest CD:

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Some great little reviews and excellent reasons put forward for your top 5's, but there can only be one winner... and the winner, picked at random, is: Thomas Jordt.

Thanks to all of you who posted your top 5's.

Here are the competition entry reviews.

Tim Dutton:
For me it’s what suited the track front to back and not just amazing shred, so here’s my picks (should be a top 10 because there are others equally as good but…)

guitarholy Vinai Trinateepakdee - good playing, style suited the backing track.

Jakeynez – good playing, different and ‘outside the box shred’

SoNg1508 – great feel and chops, suited the style

joopwolters123 – nice feel, a few chops, suits the track

universalmind3000 Davide Pepi – good playing, suits the track and style

lukiamaryllis super feeling, good structure, nice outside tones, good sound
brendy36 great feeling and technique
akeae101 superb playing
ZarubinDenis great work with chords and nice sliding solo
maranhaoguitar good tone and mix, great fun with good improvisating
Cristobal Sanhueza:
1. Steph Lucarelli: Amanzing playing, fluid great ideas, very honest, great fusion tone.
2. Benny Nilsson: Very nice use of silence! Something very dificult to make by guitarrist.
3. Nick Meares: Emotive solo and clean tecnique.
4. EvesoundGuitar(i dont know the real name) : Diferent, fresh, fluid, nice acustic tone.
5. monkeyrg570: Powerfull playing, nice shred lines.
Matias Baeza: nice vibrato
Esteban Montecino: great use of armony
Elliot Noble: Best sound
Milan Polak: groove
Thiago Trinse:Nice playing
Joe Pinnavaia:
Axel Olson - Liked the tone and his legato
Brian Aspey - Very Fiery player with some great ideas.
Martin Miller - Liked his tone, phrases, note choices and use of the vibrato bar.
Tomo - This guy is crazy! His arps are some of the best integrated I have seen.
Stelios - He is the total package - great melody and phrasing with emotion and great technique!

Shred On!
Petar Ivankovic:
1. Bryan Aspey - the complete package
2. Damir Puh - great phrasing, tone
3. Silvio Gasquez - great licks
4. Joop Wolters - tone, great whammy bar work
5. Jeff McClelland - cool approach
Aco Pejovski:
Damir Puh, Vinai Trinateepakdee, Bryan Aspey, Mark McGuigan, Silvio Gasquez.
Carmelo Serrano:
1) João Neto, very nice riff, beautiful tone, nice video, touch of guitar.
Hi Lauri!

I love your laurimonk YT-channel. One of the best resources for contemporary guitar!

My Shred This III faves are

elwischi It's got all. He's building up tension, goes with the backing track, and he sounds always good. Good phrasing in the beginning, jazzy.

Bemolator. Although he's got a little intonation problem in the beginning, he picks up the pace and like elwischi he builds up tension. He sounds good: though he uses much distortion, he got lot of sound options out of his guitar.

paralleluniversemk I like his heavy laid back feeling in the beginning. And you'll never know, what he will do next

guitarjakku Wow, he's got rhythm, skills, sound options, he can play, whatever he want, I don't find anything I don't like. And he's got a new Suhr :-)) Unbelievable talented, this young guy!

bryanaspey Everything perfect. He also has skills, a good taste, he sounds good.

Cannot say, which one I find best. Maybe Jack Gardiner, because he seems to play most freely with the groove, not against it.

I got some more, which I see in the top... KolioK, juancortes1979, MrRuneberre and this crazy entry from NikoTsonevGuitar. But I had to kill'em you're asking for just five, don't you? ;-)

Best Thomas
Fabiano Rodriguo:
It is very hard to this!
but this is my first top:
Bryan Aspey
excellent melody and tone! Great technique
rock and fusion
Marko Vesovic
excellent fusion jazz cool and feeling for swing scales
hara lemes
great ideas melodic and perfect Resolutions!
franalonso great feeling and bends expressive , cool rock and ideas strong!
molina21000 fantastic player! excellent technique !
Roben Petros:
-Bryan Aspey
-Joop Walters
-Jeff McClelland
-Damir Puh
-Silvio Gasquez
Fabiano Rodriguo:
this is my top: Bryan Aspey, Marko vesovic, Haralemes, Fran Alonso and

Molina this players? cool and excellent technique. But is only my top.

Fayeed Tan:
1.) Bryan Aspey :
It's not everyday that you see a guitar
player who's got everything in his
playing, the FEEL, the TECHNIQUE,
His entry is my favorite! He deserves
the WIN

2.) Martin Miller:
He defines the meaning of Unique
note choice is perfect!

3.) Santiago Pagura:
I love the feel of his soloing, I love the
aggressive approach and with it comes
good style and great note choice

4.) Milan Polak
Speed, melody and technique! all in
his entry! Aggression in the
approach and angst in his tone

5.) Silvio Gazquez:
His melodies always has that

very very different from others
they may not always sound good but
it never fails to make you say
Hey! that's very clever
DenZ , Bryan Aspey , Millan Polak (only of speed), SoNg1508 , Brett Garsed :)
Osman Cenan CIGIL:
Thorsten Praest This is the best entry in my opinion.It's perfect,it's like he was talking via his guitar!
Vinai Trinateepakdee This one is also excellent,tone playing,note choices are all perfect!
Bryan Aspey Bryan's solo is one of the best as always!Top quality!
Fayeed Tan The solo nicely flows through the mix,very calm and relaxing!I like it!
William Stravato Garsed-like soloing!Great!
Ahmad Saad:
guitarholy - the playing style is consistent without being predictable, and the melody lines are interesting to follow. He also anticipates the changes very well. Great tone, and shreddy enough without losing feel.

ElWischi - This one is just really pleasing to listen to. Original and enjoyable tone, cool solo development, and lots of feel. Nasty licks too!

Milan Polak - the feel isn't always right for the song and there's a lot of contrasting styles going on, but his licks are so intense and so clean.

papuza - I like the way this guy plays the changes. Sick tone, and I enjoy how his style is kind of bluesy with the occasional burst of speed.

Forgosciga - besides the pink shorts I think this one is just a nicely flowing solo that doesn't show off but has personality... I get the feeling I'm watching part of really good blues improv set.