Joe Satriani: Bristol Colston Hall Mini review

Joe Satriani
Colston Hall in Bristol remains an enigma to me. A totally excellent experience for the visitor in the new foyer. Yet inside the hall remains the same, little or no change since when I first visited it 30 years ago. A little charmless customer care"less" on the way, a reminder that although the world has gone web 2.0, the Colston Hall has not.  We are down at the front in the posh seats... designed by Elizabeth B├íthory, an exquisite exercise in torture, made the more pleasurable by the security guards reminding you to stay in your seats for health and safety reasons... shame someone forgot to pass on the information about human rights... my sciatica was killing me...

So how do you rescue a situation like this? Simple you get Joe Satriani and his band to soften the blow with over two ours of top notch music. A year in the saddle with Chickenfoot has suited Joe. His new songs are fresh and vibrant, his melodic know-how mixed with a super stylish groove. All the favourites played, Summer song, Blue Dream and the tracks from the new album cut it too.  I am particularly drawn to the antics and playing style of Mike Keneally. Those in the know are aware of what a super talent this guy is and this show is no exception, his flowing keyboard lines and musical interludes an effervescent tonic to lift the spirits of any jaded musical pallet. Joe was... Joe, in control, in tone, on the mark, on the money, number one... you name it he was there and live!

Rob Chappers and the creator of Rob Chappers!
However I think I will leave it for Rob Chapper's to have the final say  about Joe's playing this evening; "You know that boy could go far one day!"  Great to see Rob at the show with his family and his particularly his father, whom I recall from his YouTube appearances... could he cure my sciatica?! Rob had to make a swift exit post show after a quick chat, to find some food to stoke the Monkeylord's ailing fuel cell!

So don't for get your chance to attend the Monkeylord launch part and be the winner of a Chapman Guitars ML-1, custom-painted by Svee.

Monkey Lord Party!!! \m/

Ticket prices super deal... get your tickets now!! This is sure to be a super fun night with lots of surprises!

Show details:
20:00 - 20:30 - See What Happens
20:45 - 21:30 - Lecarla
21:45 - 23:00 - Monkey Lord + guests
23:00 - late - Rock/Metal/Shred DJ