Michael Angelo Batio: today is guitar day 6 in Milan

Yes, over a year now since I last saw Daniele Gottardo playing live in concert... well today is Milan's Guitar Day 6.  I have to thank the super guitar supremo Guglielmo Malusardi for helping me with the arrangements. He has been the perfect host including driving me to see Steve Lukather... the man is also a mine of guitar information having 2000 CDs of guitar related material at his disposal... so I guess it is no surprise!  Please try and get to the show in Milan, I would love to see you there!!!

Shred circus-You Tube HD.mov

Get to the show as I'd love to meet you, gets some photos together. The real reason you'll want to go is the super guitar star line up.

GUITAR DAY Guitar Day 6 !!!!!! Saturday, October 9, 2010
Moonhouse: Via Barletta 12 20141 MILANO

Michael Angelo BATIO
Angels & Demons (Alex STORNELLO )
Daniele Gottardo
Luciano ZADRO
Andrea Martongelli (Arthemis)
Daniel Gregolin (Euro Groove Department)
Gianluca Ferro
Ignazio Di Salvo
Try the tools!

2 soundproof rooms, available for test instruments!

Win a Dean Guitar!
By working with MKM will extract an electric guitar Dean Vendetta Camo after the event. The proceeds will be donated to Emergency Operation.

Opening doors 15:30 h
Concerts start at 16:00 h

Entry € 12

Info : guitarday@hotmail.it

347 7687421
339 8818169