Mika Tyyskä: Mr Fastinger working on more samurai zen guitar tracks!

Hello from our humble guitar studio. We are currently working on guitar tracks for the next Mr. Fastfinger album. Here's Mika recording a solo for a song called "Action Beat". This is the actual take to keep. You're first hearing it as it sounds raw through the camera microphone and then together with the current demo mix of the song (here solo is also double tracked). String skipping (sometimes combined with tapping) seems to be the hottest technique around here :)
Unfortunately producing an action packed kick ass guitar album isn't as fast as some of these solos are. We hope to get the album ready and released during the second half of 2011. In the mean time watch out for more material as we progress.

The strange effect on the image around 1:06 is due to the extra high volume! The cheap video camera can't take the strong waves of sound it's facing

Recording a super fast solo