News: Blue Noize competition... judges pict there top 3 players

The final top 3 to follow very soon!

Rick Graham's Top 3
guitarholy - (Really liked his approach, tasteful stuff)

themattchandler - (Some great soloing, particularly liked the way he developed his phrases)

koliok - (Great build to the solo, tasteful with nice tone)

Tom Quayle's Top 3
guitarholy - (amazing playing!)

kirkhetfieldtrujillo -

koliok - (incredible tone!)

Andy Wood's Top 3
themattchandler -
He reminded me of jimmy page on song remains the same dvd but with FAR more technical superiority and sophisticated harmony. i just hear the page thing in his approach and ferocity. it really made me smile! also love the david gilmour'isms in his playing.

guitarholy -
TONE!!! and loved loved loved the chord stuff and repeating melodies. taste and class all day in this guy.

guitarjakku -
would like to hear him on a more vintage tone to suite the track BUT playing was stellar. the bend at 1:42 is awesome! ferocious legato technique as well.

Blue Noize Blues Solo Contest Judges individual Top 3 Picks