News: Guitar Day 6 thanks

Before I head off to the airport for my flight to sunny old England and back to castle shred, I thought I would like to praise the guys who set up guitar day 6, it was a great show with so many great guitarists, with lots of different styles from straight ahead metal to more ethereal jazz. Great also to see so many great Italian players like Daniele Gottardo (I hope your finger feels better soon!), plus players like Tommy Ermolli, Gianluca Ferro, Ignazio DiSalvo, Daniele Gregolin and many more... over the coming days I will gradually add some photos and video from the show.

Plus a special thank you to the undisputed heavyweight shredder of the world, the king of Shred, Mr Michael Angelo Batio! I caught up with him at the end of his top notch show, grabbed some photos and held that double neck guitar! Michael Angelo Batio is on an Italian tour so I recommend you catch up with his show, he's got a million and one ways to tell you about metal... as long as it is divisible by metal... plus look out for Michael Angelo Batio in Mumbai real soon!

Last, but no means least, my special thanks to Mr cut and paste name and super friend, Guglielmo Malusardi! I'm sure without his help the Milan trip would have been a thousand times harder! Plus is comparing of the show was great... thank you.. CTRL V "Guglielmo Malusardi"!!!

Ciao... back off to blighty!


  1. Sometime in life you realize that out of your family, you can find other "brothers from another mothers" That's recently happened to me, since I met Laurie in BuchaNOrest Ziua Chitarelor 3r eition, in mid september...We belong to the same species of Guitar Cross carriers, and we do it and keep on do it as a mission: spread the word to the whole world about our favourite music an musicians...Beyond that, it's been a pleasure share time with my new brother from the Albion land...the Shred Admiral Laurie Monk. hasta siempre amigo!
    Guglielmo Malusardi

  2. Ciao CTRL V Guglielmo, or should I call you the Shred Baron?! Great to meet someone so dedicated to guitar and one so kind and helpful too!


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