News: For The Future Of Guitar new CD For The Future Of Guitar (CD)
For The Future Of Guitar, a compilation put together by, features twleve of the hottest guitarists, shredders and rockers in the East, including artists such as Ai Li, Nu Yao, Jia Pei, Xin Li and Ting Ne (anyone who can read Chinese can browse the other credits, such as bassists and drummers). This collection is all instrumental, and shows a true progression of talent from the 2004 collection. Highlights include "High", "Fire City" and "Song 2"  buy


  • Ai Li
  • Nu Yao
  • Jia Pei
  • Xin Li
  • Ting Ne
  • Zi Lin
  • Lei Wang
  • Ming Znu
  • Ding Ang Znu
  • Yi Ming Yin
  • Yue Li
  • Do Chen Liu