Chris Brooks: new single and CD on the way

Fans patiently (and not so patiently) awaiting the release of Chris Brooks’ second solo instrumental album will not only get their first taste of the Australian sensation’s sophomore effort with the release of the first single set for release on November 29, but also be given the chance to jam their own version of the track with a deluxe edition also soon to be on offer.

“Velvet Claws” is the lead single from the forthcoming album entitled “The Axis of All Things”, which Brooks hopes to release after another single or two.

Brooks chose the first single from the new album based on the positive reception from fans who’ve attended recent clinics, and also from fans privy to a sample of the song on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. A commercial track in Brooks’ opinion, “Velvet Claws” sees Brooks transcending the prog-isms of some of his early recorded work in favour of a live-sounding melodic rocker. “It’s just one of the styles on the new album, but I like it for its live vibe and instant appeal factor”, says Brooks.

Brooks single release, the first under his new label moniker Axiology Records, will be available in a conventional digital release via CD Baby and Apple iTunes, as well as a “Deluxe Download Edition” from Brooks’ site ( which will feature the single, the music video, a backing track, and a concise transcription of the guitar lines in the song, giving buyers an opportunity to jam to the track and add their own styling.

Chris Brooks first came to the attention of the guitar-music community with the release of his debut album “The Master Plan”, which has now sold over five thousand copies. Since then he has recorded with members of Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force, Dio, and LORD, and recorded tracks for compilation albums from Frontiers Records and Liquid Note Records.

The dynamic music video for “Velvet Claws” has been created by Wollongong NSW based company Dusk Music Video Production, under the direction of Lord Tim of internationally acclaimed melodic metal band LORD, and James Lopes. The video will be launched on YouTube on same day as the single’s release; November 29, 2010.