Damir Simic: guitar international interview

Simic was featured in DiMarzio’s ads even though he was an unknown, and the company’s been behind him ever since. “Larry DiMarzio and Steve Blucher have been extremely supportive,” Simic says. “Larry placed several ads with me, which I’m really proud of, because he put me neck to neck with all my heroes like Yngwie and Satriani. And I’m still not that famous of a guitar player in those terms, but the DiMarzio guys have been behind me.”

Things were moving along just fine for Simic until Nirvana hit the next year. “Everything appeared to be phenomenal right from the get go,” Simic recalls. “The problem is about a few months later Kurt Cobain came on the scene. We didn’t really see it coming, but he single-handedly kind of like removed guitar soloing from the mainstream. All throughout the ‘90’s, soloing didn’t exist. Soloing just recently started creeping back in. The past three, four years I’m seeing this movement where all these young bands are coming along. They’re starting to shred, and it’s becoming more popular again. more

Damir Simic Shime - King without Kingdom - from NEW CD "Tone Addict" featuring Chris Impellitteri