Eric Maldonado: Blue Bug competition

- Milan Polak & T-Rex - Blue Bug Competition Entry - Eric Maldonado -

My album, "Into The Moonlight" is finished!! You can order it at

It is out on Elusive Sound Entertainment Records and the whole thing was Written and Produced by me.

I am so happy this album is finally finished, I worked for 1 year on this trying to make it the best I could. I am very proud of the production, playing and feel of the album. This album contains 9 instrumental songs written by me. I would like to thank God, my family, all my YouTube followers for supporting me through the years and some special friends - Aman Khosla, Dimi Nalbantov, Joop Wolters, Paul Tauterouff, Laurie Monk & PDXGuitarfreak for their continuous support and inspiration.

I would also like to thank the companies who stand behind me and endorse me:
-Halo Guitars
-AMT Electronics
-Guitar Pro 6

You can support me by purchasing the CD at my website on 10/10/2010:

Enter: Milan Polak: Blue Bug Competition