Jason Sadites: preorder behind the laughter with Marco Minneman

Jason Sadites (Guitar and Everything else); Marco Minnemann (Drums)

Marco Minnemann came up with the concept of the Normalizer 2 series of music releases. Simply put, Marco played an uninterrupted 51 minute drum solo and handed it out to a variety of musicians to compose their own music over top of. The only catch is that nobody could listen to anybody else's project before completing their own. Other musicians who participated with their own releases are John Czajkowski, Mike Keneally, Phi Yaan-Zak, Alex Machacek, Trey Gunn, Mario Brinkmann and Marco himself.

Behind The Laughter is Jason Sadites' contribution to the series. For fans of music by artist's as diverse as Zappa, Return To Forever, Rush, Satriani, Vai etc. this is a release they don't want to miss. From front to end it is a roller coaster ride of incredible compositions and amazing performances by Jason and Marco. Catchy melodies intertwined with dizzying guitar playing over ever changing odd-time grooves make for a fusion fans dream.