Lalle Larsson: Fusion keyboard player of the year

There is also a new CD out.

Larsson, Lalle - Infinity of Worlds 2 x CDs (very limited/already sold out 2 CD version - 1 per customer please)

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Lalle Larsson is a great keyboard player who I first heard of in the technical fusion groups Electrocution 250 and Ominox. He is probably best known for his work with Karmakanic. This is the second album by his Weaveworld band, who toured with the Agents of Mercy/Karmakanic show in 2009. This is a interesting and excellent band that straddles a line between progressive rock and fusion although I think it lands closer to the progressive rock side of things. Lalle's chops will stun; it's as simple as that, and everyone else is really good as well. The bonus disc (available only in the 1st 500 copies) is a piece for chamber orchestra and *heavy* instrumental technical metal embodied here in both studio and live versions.  Buy