Michael Dolce: Guitar Noize gives another five star review

Isn't it time you checked out Michael Dolce? Seems like Jon over at Guitar Noize did and liked what he heard... look out for more with Michael on Guitar Noize soon.
I heard about Michael Dolce via Laurie Monk over at Truth In Shredding which is funny because Michael is Australian and here I am sitting in my office in Australia reading about an Aussie guitarist on a site based in England… oh the shame sorry Michael! Anyway to make up for my slow uptake I want to let you all know about the incredibly talented Mr Dolce and his new album ‘Everything Til Now’.

The album is a mix of funk, fusion and a little bit of country thrown in, Michael is about to embark on a Masterclass tour here in Australia teaching Funk Fusion and the album opener ‘I Gotta Go’ is exactly that a brilliant mix of bluesy melodies with Jazzy arpeggios and wonderful crunchy tone. more