News: Patrick Hufschmid interview

Patrick Hufschmid is a talented luthier based in Switzerland. He builds some seriously amazing looking guitars, with some hand selected woods and each guitar is hand crafted by Patrick himself.

Do Fret offers this feature on Patrick's work!

Q: Tell us a bit about Hufschmid Guitars? What models are in the range and what can people expect from your instruments?

Thank you for taking the time to interview me! I am a small artisan working in an extremely small worshop (5 square meters) in the basement of my little house. I have been playing guitar for almost 25 years, this has given me enough knowledge and experience about the instrument in order to start to put together my own ideas.
Back in 1996, I went abroad to the USA to study guitar building at the celebrated Red Wing Technical College in Minessota. This gave me the practical knowledge to start to build my very own instruments which I have constantly refined ever since.

I build between 11-15 guitars every year with my 2 hands and my approach to building is natural and based on physics as suposed to poetry, romance and 100000 coats of lacquer! To me authentic work is something which I am very proud about and I enjoy sharing this with customers who understand the difference between a handmade instrument and a mass produced one. more


  1. ugh. ive been a fan for a while and wondered why he wouldnt paint it or anything cool like that. he shudnt aim to be anti-mainstream, the mass produced ones are best selling and made to the best standards. i wont be ordering a guitar anymore. i thought about it but his attitude in this whole interview has put me off ever getting a hufschmid guitar. paint job is fundamental and natural doesnt even look nice and takes more maintenance. so yeah patrick you lost a customer here and its your own fault for putting oppinions over talented work, its a shame really, a real shame. i hope you read this and one day become a "true" luthier offering what we want not what you want us to have.


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