Paul Gilbert: live date set list posted!

Paul Gilbert set list
Here's the set list for Paul's tour. Thanks to Jenn over at:
The setlist photo is by 'Scarified909' on the Racer X forum.

--- opener ---
Silence Followed By A Deafening Roar
The Last Rock & Roll Star (from collaboration w/Freddie Nelson)
Fuzz Universe
Rock Me Baby (Robin Trower vs. cover)
Paul Vs. Godzilla
Scarified (Racer X)
Will My Screen Door Stop Neptune
Green-Tinted Sixties Mind (Mr. Big)
Technical Difficulties (Racer X)
Roundabout (Yes cover)
Batter Up
Norwegian Cowbell
Light My Fire (The Doors cover)
--- encore ---
I Want To Be Loved (Muddy Waters cover)
I'm Not Addicted (from collaboration w/Freddie Nelson)
Don't Fear The Reaper (Blue Oyster Cult cover)
Go Down (AC/DC cover)


  1. The photographer would be 'Scarified909' - my keyboard screwed up when I was typing the original! (sorry dudes!)


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