Rob Chappers: Marshall Project King Kong launches... the peoples amp!!

Rob Chappers ahead of the game again! We had the peoples guitar... now the peoples amplifier!!!

Project King Kong launches - Marshall Amplification to build the "People's Amplifier"

Project King Kong launches - Marshall Amplification to build the "People's Amplifier"

Press Release:

"In the beginning, Jim Marshall founded what is today the world greatest amplifier company on a very simple principle: he listened to the people, and then he gave them what they wanted. This principle of design continues to this day at Marshall and they still continue to design amplifiers based on the requests and needs of guitarists around the world.

"Due to them seeing and liking my work on YouTube, plus my obvious affinity to their products, Marshall asked me if I would be interested in acting as a Simian conduit to you, my loyal followers, and asking exactly what you'd want in an amplifier. I was both flattered and honored, and immediately said "yes." And so, the project I've code-named as "King Kong" was born... "I'm very excited to play a role in making sure that the good people at Marshall get feedback from YOU, the people, and that it ends up in an amp! And, the coolest thing about this is its not about Marshall, myself or Monkey's about YOU and the creation of "the peoples amp"! So, I have one simple question to ask on behalf of Marshall: "What you would like in an amplifier..............?" How great is that!?

"In addition to speaking to me, you can also speak to any Marshall Amplification family member -- from Chris George, their International Demonstrator, to a sales Manager to a store guy. You can also e-mail

"Please rest assured that myself, Rob Chappers, will pass on any and all feedback and information I get from you lot regarding "the peoples amplifier" straight to Marshall. And, of course, I will let you know what is going on the inside when the technical magicians come up ideas via YouTube updates on a regular basis.

There is a section on the Monkey Lord to discuss this project right here:


  1. Is that anything like the ""

  2. Interesting...I've been making the People's Amp since 2008 - wonder where they got the idea???


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