Will Kriski: sings Robert Conti's praises!

Will Kriski of New Brunswick, Canada talks about his experience with the Robert Conti line of highly effective jazz guitar learning DVDs:

"I'm a shredder and have played guitar for 29 years. I also teach rock, metal and blues soloing but jazz had this aura of difficulty, intimidation, elitism, years of boring scale practice, leading to a serious lack of progress and disappointment. When jazz became institutionalized in schools it somehow became a very intimidating and highly ineffective way to learn jazz. I cannot put into words how soul-destroying it was to go watch jazz players in the local pubs knowing that I wasn't able to do this after years of practice.

Thankfully, I found Robert Conti's website and DVDs and not only is his method highly effective, he also spends time debunking the myths surrounding jazz and provides a lot of encouragement. He's not just a teacher in my opinion, he's also a mentor and a coach. I've bought almost the entire library of products by Robert Conti and it's an amazingly educational and emotional experience. After years of frustration learning to play jazz in college and with other instructional material, I can't tell you how gratifying it is to now be able to play professional level jazz guitar solos and chord melodies. I also have to say that the customer service and support is the best I've ever seen."

Jazz Guitar Improv by A Robert Conti Student